Q:  Do you take insurance?

A:  I am an “out-of-network” provider.  If your carrier offers you out-of-network benefits, you can often be reimbursed for a percentage of my services depending on your specific plan.  You will need to speak with your carrier directly about this and I can assist you with the process as well.

Q:  My schedule is so busy.  What if I can’t make it in regularly?

A:  Life is definitely busy, which is often why we struggle with taking time for ourselves and practicing self-care.  I offer a variety of session options, including online video sessions.  I am happy to support you as regularly as you’d like, even if that doesn’t mean every week.

Q:  How do we start the therapy process?

A:  After an initial phone consultation, we will schedule a time to meet for your initial session.  This session is used to gain a thorough history and understanding of the presenting problem so we can identify the best goals for our work together.  From there, depending on your needs, weekly sessions are recommended and scheduled.  I recommend weekly sessions in the beginning to build a strong rapport and momentum for our work.  As it becomes necessary, sessions can be scheduled less frequently or gradually tapered off.

Q:  Do you provide custody evaluations?

A:  No, I do not provide evaluations related to divorce and custody arrangements.

Q:  Do you prescribe medication?  What if  I need it?

A:  I do not – only medical providers can prescribe medications.  When desired or necessary, I work closely with your other providers to collaborate on your care and ensure we are all on the same page.