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We are living in challenging times.  We all experience the uncertainty of the world around us and feel the pressures to succeed, belong and live our lives with meaning.  Despite being more “connected” than ever, these times of uncertainty give many people a sense of unease and disconnection.  Adults and young people alike can feel self-doubt, loneliness and find themselves unable to cope in healthy ways.  

You are not alone.

We all crave authentic connection and belonging with others.  This is especially true when your life is in transition or turmoil.   It takes courage to lean in to your struggles and allow others to lean in with you.  I believe in taking the time to “get real” with you, person to person, and collaborate with you to tap into your strengths, resiliency and build tools that empower you. I utilize a layered therapeutic approach in my work and believe in understanding who you are as a whole person, including the experiences and stories that have been part of your life.  



 ~ Offering In-Office and Telehealth Sessions ~

Ariel Shea, MSW, LCSW (She/Her) is the owner of Looking Glass Counseling, LLC and a licensed psychotherapist.  She works with adolescents, young adults and adults, specializing in stress and anxiety, depression and challenges around life transitions.  She offers individual, group and family therapy to those seeking insight and tools to find balance in their lives.  Ariel is also the Director of Therapy at Resilience1220, a mental health nonprofit organization in Evergreen, CO.

~ Specialties ~

      • Stress and Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Social and Relationship issues         
      • Communication
      • Life transitions 
      • Self-identity development
      • Parent – child relationships
      • Adolescence & young adulthood
      • Women’s issues

 ~ Treatment Modalities ~

      • Interpersonal Therapy
      • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
      • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
      • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
      • Exposure and Response Prevention (E/RP)
      • Mindfulness-based practice


“Daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable.  

  It means to show up and be seen.  

  To ask for what you need.  

  To talk about how you’re feeling.  

         To have the hard conversations.” 

~ Brene Brown 



           Call:  720-226-6697                                             Email:  arielbshea@gmail.com


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