Client Information


My standard individual session is 50 minutes long and my fee is $110.00 per session.  I offer a variety of services and rates, including online therapy sessions, phone sessions, family therapy and professional supervision.  Because not all can afford this fee, I am willing to work on a sliding scale basis for a limited number of clients.


At this time, I only accept payment from clients directly at the time of service.   I currently accept credit cards, cash, check or Venmo.  While I do not currently accept insurance directly,  I am happy to help you seek reimbursement from your insurance company.  I will provide an invoice to  you which can then be provided to your insurance company.

If you have insurance coverage for psychotherapy or behavioral health services, you will need to check with your carrier on how to file a claim for an “out-of-network provider.”   

I recommend you inquire about your specific reimbursement rate, number of sessions allowed, etc.  You will then file the claim with a statement I provide to you and 
reimbursement from your insurer will be sent to you.  Payments for psychotherapy sessions may be deductible as medical expenses on your income tax return.


A scheduled appointment means that time is reserved only for you.  If you are unable to keep an appointment, please notify me immediately. If you cancel or miss an appointment without 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled appointment, you will be billed in full for the session.  In order to respect the time of all my clients, if you are late to a session, your session will still end at our scheduled time unless otherwise noted.



I am available by phone or email and will make my best effort to respond to you within 24 hours.  I prefer texting to be used only for brief communications such as questions regarding appointment time, etc.  Please do not text me after hours or over the weekend unless it is truly a crisis or it is established as part of our treatment agreement. 



Confidentiality is an essential component of therapy.  Your right to confidentiality also applies to contact via phone or email.  Please be aware that if you share sensitive information with me over cell phone or email, your privacy can be at risk.  I make every effort to protect your privacy at all times and take this very seriously.

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